Allison DeVane steps out on to the floor of the Shark Tank with her beautifully crafted tea/coffee creation that she longs to make the “Starbucks of Tea.”  While she has incredible passion, an exquisite product and has done quite well for a budding business; she is a little too green and ends up thrashing around her pitch like a swimmer in the ocean, flailing widely with a cut on her leg.

She knows her business.  Yet you can see her nerves get the better of her and your heart cries out as you watch her clearly fail to articulate her business model, which of course is the lifeblood of what the sharks need to see in order to invest. She does not walk away with an investment, but rather with the encouragement to keep going of 4 sharks and one shark bite from You Know Who.

I love what she says after walking away from the tank, that although it really hurts she knows that this will eventually be very valuable.

THAT!!!! That for me is the key!!

It is not about winning the deal, because the reality is that we lose more than we win when it comes to business.

One of the other things that I LOVED about this episode was Mark Cuban kindly offering her this insight (I paraphrase): “It is hard to figure out a vision, learn how to execute that vision and learn how to be a business owner at the same time.” Which is why we need expert help along the way if we don’t want it to take a lifetime to become profitable and making that impact you desire. We will be bitten more often than we would ever care to have happened, however when we see those bites as valuable and we lean into them – magic happens.

I looked up Allison and she has continued to grow her business, opening up new locations and developing her online sales. I love that she did not let a little shark bite stop her from pursuing her passion.   Stay tuned to the Inner Dominatrix podcast – available on the Inner Power App – for an interview with this amazing woman. (She has not said yes – yet! – but how can she resist me!)

If you are ready to claim your Inner Dominatrix and become a Bad Ass in Business so that your passion is seen in the world AND you are making the money you desire it is time that we had that call to map out exactly how to get there in the shortest amount of time!