Last week I was presented with an enticing opportunity but, before I tell you what it is I am going to let you in on a little secret…I turned it down. As business owners, opportunity comes at us from all angles. Sometimes it is ideal, while other times it is not fitting at all, and then it may fit like a shoe for certain people. Hindsight is always brilliant, but how do you know which option is correct ahead of time?

What did I turn down? A vibrant and passionate individual offered me a chance to involve myself with a start-up network marketing opportunity. Let it be known that this would involve boutique wine and sampling, which immediately lured me in because I. Love. Wine! I was also intrigued by the timeliness to get in on the ground floor and the potential financial gain. Some of my friends have fostered a nice base income via network marketing so why couldn’t I? But once I sat with it, and applied my tools, I realized that this opportunity was not designed for me.

when your energy aligns with your business

Checking in

These are the tools I use to drop into the space where I can intuitively determine whether or not an opportunity is meant for me.

  1. Take a deep breath and settle into your body.
  2. Ask yourself, “What will this create for me right now?” Let this absorb into you, sit with it, and look at how this will benefit YOU!
  3. Ask yourself, “What is this going to create for me in five years?” Really drop in and play the scenario out, seeing yourself.
  4. Ask yourself, “What will this create for me if I say, no?
  5. Followed by, “If I say no, what will it look like in five years?”

By asking these questions and checking in with your body, you will feel the correct answer. Yes, I realize, this sounds weird, but hear me out. Visualize a time when you felt anxious. Was your stomach in knots? Did your chest feel like a weight was pressing down onto it restricting your breathing? Did your jaw lock up? These are just examples of how one could feel, regardless, take note of how you feel. Now, compare that to a time when you were completely elated. Did you have butterflies in your stomach? Did your chest feel free and open? Was your body relaxed? Again, these are just examples, just notice how your body feels when you are happy and at peace.

When we settle into our bodies and ask the questions stated above, note how your body feels and reacts. In my case when I sat with “the wine-filled networking opportunity”, I felt expansive when I toiled with the idea of saying no.

This is how I live my life

This is how I live my life and make decisions. I check in with my body, feel the energy, and when I feel expansive, I follow through with that option. I do not chase the money or follow what seems logical or linear. And you know what? Bam! My intuition is 100%! Every. Single. Time. Trust me, as long as you follow it, yours is too.

The wine-based networking opportunity seemed fantastic and fun. The gal that invited me is lively and passionate. I love her energy. But after sitting with it, I was able to see that I was getting caught up in her energy and enthusiasm. Once I dropped into that awareness, then I was able to stop and realize that it is a distraction for me and not in alignment with my goal — to provide business owners with the tools to find their own inner dominatrix, and trust in themselves.

Focus your energy on your goal

When making business decisions, you must keep your energy and attention on your goal (your purpose). By intuitively basing decisions on your best interest, and not from a place of judgment, your universe will expand. I have seen it time and time again with my clients. Learning to connect with yourself will profoundly change how your business operates. The money will come in easier, the distractions will not derail you, and you will reach new levels of success.

when your energy aligns with your business

So the next time that you are looking to make a decision, I encourage you to play with these tools. Start checking in on the energy read of a situation, lean into it, and follow your gut because it knows! You just gotta be willing to do it. That is your inner dominatrix moment.

Here’s a hint. For it to be easier to align your energies, a healthy mind is needed. I have an article to guide you on having A Healthy Mental State. Now, if you’re having trouble aligning your energy by yourself, let me help. Head over to Let’s talk!