Why Affirmations Fail! & How to Fix it!

I have never been one for affirmations. They just have never sat well with me.

During my days of studying the Law of Attraction, I dutifully did all the abundance affirmations I could find. And you know what happened…sweet pea nothing…wait that’s not quite true, my money flows got worse not better.

I have since learned why that happened. You see running around saying things like “I have infinite amounts of money flowing to me now” or something equally airy fairy, was so out of alignment for me that all it did was bring up my gremlins on mass.

I would say these lovely affirmations and then my monkey mind would go “yeah right, as if”. So would it bring in the money. No! What it did was make me focus on what was broken and not working in my life.

One point I will agree on about the law of attraction is that what you focus on is what you get more of. So the more I did these affirmations, the more I was bringing up the “yeah sure you are” gremlins and the more I felt bad about things not changing.

Recently I heard about a new take on the affirmations by utilizing a why question and It will be one more bit in my toolbox.

Let me explain something about a why question first that will help you understand what I see in the value of these “why” type affirmations.

You see a why question generally makes you try to figure something out, it triggers you to search for the reason behind what you are asking.

Now generally I would suggest that people do not use why questions for that very reason, since does it really matter the “why” or do you just want to move on to what do I need to do about it instead. After all once you have figured out the why, you still need to go to the “what can I do with this to change it” so what about going their first instead?

Here is the cool part, if we utilize the power of the “why” question as an affirmation then you have a whole new tool.

Here is an example of converting a typical affirmation;

         I have an abundance of money flowing to me.


        I wonder why I can so easily pull in money to me?


Do you notice what that does in your body? You end up going in search of why that is true. So now you are pulling yourself towards that reality instead of fighting against it.

Pretty cool eh?

Have fun with this new twist on affirmations, it is all about getting playful with it.

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