Your trusted advisor to kick your ass with love so that you can reach your business goals

You’ve worked hard to create
a successful business and …

You are totally ready to ramp up your business

You have done a shit-ton of “inner work” and you are ready for the next level

You know that you need someone who is not afraid to call you on your BS so you can get what you want.

You are super talented, successful AND you are itching for more.

You don’t have to push harder,
faster or give away your profits!

Time for some Inner Dominatrix™ energy
to ramp things up with ease!

You need to be the leader in your business, you need to own that space, you need to become the dominatrix in your business.

I’m a former dominatrix and I can tell you it’s not about being a hard ass or confrontational. That’s masculine energy where you take yourself seriously and you push, push, push to make change.

Dominatrix energy is feminine energy—a totally different kind of power. You simply stand and state your position. You don’t try to justify it; you don’t second-guess yourself.

Like the ninja warrior, you are fully present, aware of everything that’s going on. You’re not hyper vigilant waiting for the next attack, so you’re able to move and shift whenever you need to.

You stop pushing and start to follow that amazing intuitive skill that women have to the nth degree. And you know the precise moment when you need to implement.

When you step into your dominatrix energy and surrender into the present moment, you can see the bigger picture and scout out what needs to be done. And that will take your business to an entirely new level of success. You’ll be a superstar, handling everything with ease!


How do you know this will work? You’ve experienced other coaches and were probably burned by a few. What makes me different?

Well, 80 percent of my business comes from referrals – would they send their friends if this did not work? 

If you have not met me in person, you are not going to be convinced by some slick copy on a website. Follow me for a while, download the book, listen to the podcast. Trust your intuition on this choice. 

I bring this crazy blend of business strategy, consciousness woo aka Practical Woo, mindest, energy healing blend them together to pull in the mix of what YOU need in your business. No formulas and canned systems but tailored to what is actually needed right now. 

I have built a 7-figure business & I coach 7 figure earners. I understand the mindset that it takes to grow – The Inner Dominatrix™ mindset

Photo of Dana Pharant, wearing red and black, sitting on a bench in the garden surrounded by trees.

Odette Laurie

“I met Dana at a time in my life when I was feeling angry, frustrated and completely exhausted. I was pushing hard in business and had no personal life. I called it my spiritual breakdown. I started working 1:1 with Dana and immediately felt a shift in my energy, mood and in my interaction with others. Everyone (and I am everyone!) was noticing, including my clients. Dana taught me how to let go of the negative energy. The change has been a lighter, freer and more loving approach to everyone and everything, including myself.” – Odette

Odette Laurie, Owner

Kathy Barthel, Owner

“When I first met Odette Laurie I never expected she’d become my business coach. She came on very strong, but over the next year or so, she began to change; she became more relaxed, approachable and fun to work with. She was working with Dana for this transformation. Odette still kicks me in the ass when necessary but now we laugh about it and our relationship has a depth and resonance that it never had before.” – Kathy Barthel

Kathy Barthel, Owner

Beatrice Ten-Thye, Owner

“After seeing the amazing results that Odette had with Dana, I was drawn to sign up and work with her myself.” – Beatrice Ten-Thye – SMART Virtual Assistance

Beatrice Ten-Thye, Owner

Are you ready to step into your bold, sexy, fun-filled life as a business owner, and reach entirely new levels of success?

Then call me to find out what’s really stopping you from rocking your business like a badass!