Dana Pharant commands the stage with a powerful and engaging energy. Drawing on her past as a Domintarix, she brings humorous and playful stories that surprise and delight audiences. Audiences are drawn to dance in the energy of the Inner Dominatrix, letting go of preconceived ideas that they’re broken and in need of fixing. Dana’s masterful presentations encourage listeners to lead their lives and teams from a place of deep service and authentic feminine power that inspires collaboration.

Dana brings 25 years of experience in guiding clients to big shifts. She draws on tools that are proven to work and field-tested with a range of people and organizations. As a former registered massage therapist, she’s extensively studied the human body, as well as human behavior and energy psychotherapy. She is a #1 best-selling author of Beyond Fear, and an award-winning speaker (eWomen International and national organization H.U.B. Inc). Dana’s commitment to living life in command of her feminine power and helping others connect with their Inner Dominatrix has made her a sought-after speaker and gained her recognition and respect.

When Dana is not on stage, she loves the company of a small group of friends sharing laughter and simple pleasures. On warm summer nights, you can find her on the back of her husband’s motorcycle in search of the perfect pub.



Navigate Difficult Conversations: Transform Awkward Moments into Win-Wins 

Time to peel back the cranium and take a look at what is going on inside when it comes to navigating a difficult conversation and why most of your audience misses the mark or avoids them all together.
Getting the right words does not mean you will create the desired outcome when it comes to a difficult conversations but let Dana teach your audience the secrets of the Dominatrix for “how” to show up in a conversation that does not require the “right” words in order win the other person over.


  • How to shift people from upset to feeling heard and engaging
  • Reading the clues – Body Language and other non-verbal clues so that you know how to adjust
  • Keeping your feelings in check – tools and tricks to avoid emotional landmines

Negotiate the win/win without a whip

As a former Dominatrix Dana can show your audience simple tricks to be able to stand in their power and negotiate so that the other person wants to give them what they are asking for. Forget the lawyer style of negotiations, forget high pressure techniques it is time to master the art of powerful presence, and the willingness to lose so that they show up and negotiate with ease.

People are educated and aware of manipulation tactics and it is time to learn the art of negotiation that leads to a true win/win.

In this presentation your audience will learn:

  • Mastering the true art of persuasion that allows for an actual win win
  • Reading the clues – Body Language and other non-verbal clues so that you know how to adjust
  • Keeping your feelings in check – tools and tricks to avoid emotional landmines


Beyond Fear: Unorthodox Strategies to Reach New Business Milestones

Fear factor meets interactive keynote. Wowing the audience with a memorable experience that will not only have then talking for months to come but will also give them tools that they can implement immediately to shift how they handle fear and move into action without needing to force themselves.

Let’s bring the crickets to your next event and have your audience thrilled that they signed up.

In this unorthodox and eye-opening presentation, your audience will:
  • Learn how to shift from trepidation to excitement so you can take more consistent action in your business
  • Gain freedom by being willing to fail fast to speed up your success
  • Develop strategy to be bolder in your asking and showing up



I am proud of the fact that we only feature amazing speakers at our events and I loved having Dana speak at HUB. She is real, authentic and brings usable incites and inspirations for our members to help them step into their power.
Mary Morassutti

President, H.U.B. Inc

Your voice and presentation style was flawless. Your energy, your pacing and the flow of your talk also worked really well. Plus I could tell the audience really felt it was an experience. They were buzzing with excitement afterwards.
Jason Reid

Power Story Master

It’s one thing to have a background that’s as fascinating as it is outside the realm of most people’s experience. It’s quite another thing to be able to draw powerful insights from that background that everyone in the audience can relate to and be genuinely inspired by. That’s the gift that Dana Pharant brings to the stage.
Michel Neray

Founder & Producer, momondays



Powerful, entertaining and insightful, Dana delivers high-content programs for your audiences with a low-maintenance experience for you. A true professional, she will personally ensure that your group is fully engaged and empowered to implement what they learn during their program