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“Dana Pharant makes connections between empowerment and spirituality. She takes the discussion in new territory by exploring the Dominatrix Energy and how that can free you of energy vampires. She’s a published author, successful business woman AND a master healing. This interview will help you access your personal truth and clear obstacles from your path. She will also guide you through a technique for you to recognize what is true or false.”  – Pol Cousineau   Listen Here

Delivered With Confidence – Maximize your potential – lessons from a Dominatrix

“Dana Pharant tells us “don’t place a limiting factor on yourself by thinking or saying there is something wrong with you”.  Embrace your past and leverage your authentic story to propel your future” – Francis Fernando

Natural Born Coaches – Marc Mawhinney

Listen Here.  Creator/Host of Natural Born Coaches – Marc Mawhinny, the podcast for your coaching business. Passionate about helping coaches get more clients and build stronger businesses!  Marc interviews me on how I built a successful coaching business. His show is great of budding coaches.

EWN Radio Network – Johnell McCauley: Eat Great, Live Well

Click here to listen to my interview on Podcast #1512 Step Into a Bold, Sexy, Fun-Filled Life. A fun look at nutrition and getting out of self judgment to change your eating habits.