Kristy Heart

Kristy Heart is The Dominatrix Life Coach, getting you the bulletproof confidence you need to Dominate Your World…no safe word required.

As the underground’s confidential mentor to owning your personal power, Ms. Heart is a life-long entrepreneur, international award-winning problem solver, and real-life Dominatrix with 20 years of experienced dedication pushing the limits of self-improvement, behavioral psychology, and BDSM practitioning..

Episode Summary: 

Kristy Heart returns to the Inner Dominatrix Podcast as a recurring guest! She and Dana discuss the topic of Confidence. Since both of these ladies come from a dominatrix background, they get into how the spin and the teachings from the dominatrix world really boost the confidence level of so many people are looking for in their lives and businesses.  Kristy looks back at her confidence levels before being a dominatrix and Dana relates a similar story of her own.

Dana and Kristy share tools for tapping into your dominatrix energy and they discuss the difference between masculine and feminine energy and the importance of both.  Kristy and Dana also talk about alignment, natural pull and taking action.  They also discuss the topic of sexual energy and how it lends itself to goals and vision, as well as the effects of suppressing it.


“You’re kind of at the mercy of everything going on around you”
“Feminism is respecting masculine energy and respecting our own feminine energy.”
“Both men and women have both energies”
“Everything just seems to happen naturally and easily. The path kind of lights up for you.”
“Listen to what your surroundings are saying”
“Embracing your sexuality doesn’t mean going Jezebel on people”

Get to know Kristy: