Edna Keep

Edna Keep has a great rags to riches story. From being a single mom with subsidized daycare, to rising through the ranks of real estate investing, Edna is no stranger to struggle or success. Now that she has amassed a wealth of information, resources and knowledge, she is helping others crack into the real estate investing world.

Episode Summary:
On this episode, Edna talks a little about her background; and the lead up to the turning point in her life when she decided to start investing in real estate.  She also shares a quote with personal meaning with us.  It helped her along the way.  Edna goes on to tells us about the personal development that played a role in her growth; financially and personally.

Keep listening as Dana asks Edna to share some tips or advice on real estate investing.  Dana gets the low down on why anyone would want to be in that world. And Edna shares a recent challenge that she’s been dealing with; and how she rectified the situation.  The episode closes with Edna discussing her students, the points she puts major emphasis on when it comes to money, mindset and the industry itself.

Get to know Edna: