Kerri Fullerton

Kerri Fullerton is a dynamo in the food and diet industry. After a lifetime of interesting interactions with food, she decided to take everything she learned and quietly apply it to her own life, behind closed doors. After kicking the negative stigma surrounding food, she burst into the world with a message, a purpose and the evidence to back it up. She’s leading a rebellion against dieting, and she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Episode Summary:

Kerri talks a little about her mindset growing up, and what had to happen in order for her to live happily and begin her journey to start the Diet Rebellion.  She explains how food has become complicated, intuitive eating, and having a healthy respect for your body. She also shares her experience with binge eating, and how little people understood about her struggles with food.

Kerri talks about stumbling upon a book in the bargain section of a bookstore that completely answered her questions about food. She also talks about having an appropriate support system of people wo understand what it is you’re looking to accomplish.  She shares a story about her early mistakes with intuitive eating, and then goes on to share a few insights about the importance of making choices from an internal place of calm.

Kerri gets into the mindset of youth surrounding fat shaming and how it makes it’s way through society with such ease, and how infuriating it is to deal with. She also shares some great insights and resources for people who want to learn more about The Diet Rebellion.

Get to know Kerri: