Alexa Martinez

Alexa Martinez is the Violet Butterfly. Growing up in a conservative fashion, she traveled extensively, and experiencing 78 different countries helped her to break out of her shell. Alexa is all about sharing stories, experiences and perspectives surrounding sex. She loves demystifying sexuality, removing the taboos and clarifying all things sexual and alternative in relationships.

Episode Summary:

Alexa shares her religious, conservative upbringing, and how it shaped and formed some challenging obstacles in relationships; as well as some internal disconnections. She also talked about how travel helped to broaden her perspective surrounding sex and communication.  She talks about the various places she visited, and how they opened her up to different realities. She also talks about ordering drinks in different places, and how one particular visit to an Irish pub quickly became awkward.

Alexa explains the jump from being an art director on cruise ships, to educating people about sex, relationships and life in general.  She describes her business, and talks about some of the transitions and goals she’s experienced and continues to experience within her business and calling.

Get to know Alexa: