Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni is a media personality and entrepreneur. Geeta is obsessed with stories and exponential growth. Her work has been features on CNN, CBC, ABC, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Breakfast Television, CTV and many more. She’s a regular contributor to Inc., Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, and Global TV. She has spent 25 years in Television, Radio and Print globally. Let her take you back stage and show you exactly what it takes to grab to grab a busy producer, editor, blogger or podcaster’s attention, make an audience fall in love with you, and then monetize the heck out of all that free press.

Episode Summary:
Geeta tells Dana about how she found her way to media, and how it grew to become what she does today, helping people to get booked on media outlets and make the most out of it.  She explains the importance of being in control of your story, and how it reflects in your life. She talks about focusing on the inner game instead of the outer game, and how editing your story will edit your life. Geeta talks about the importance of feel when visualizing, and how it ups the intensity of the visualization process, she also talks about being completely where you are in the world, and moving up from there.

Get to know Geeta: