Nicole Holland

Nicole Holland is the host of 2 hot podcasts: The Business Building Rockstar Show and Get Guest Ready. Nicole helps subject matter experts increase their visibility exponentially through podcast guesting to create greater impact, influence and income.

Episode Summary:

Nicole and Dana kick the show off by talking about the value of guesting on podcasts, and why it’s important to create a win/win/win situation for yourself, the host, and the audience tuning in.  She tells a story about one her clients appear on a massive show with little to no results for her business. She goes on to explain that after clearing up her message and understanding where she’s most valuable to an audience: her client appeared on another show that created huge results for her business.

Dana and Nicole discuss confidence, and the lies people tell themselves that hold them back from getting the most out of their appearances, and why it’s so important to clear those thoughts out.  Nicole helps Dana close out the show by explaining why it’s important to create an environment that makes your guest feel special, and that makes the audience excited to hear from them. Nicole offers a few great resources for listeners who would like to take their guest game to the next level.

Get to know Nicole: