Tim Thayne

Tim Thayne works with young people to ensure that when they go through treatment for various things, they avoid relapsing into the same destructive habits. He helps youth integrate back to life with their families, and supports the family throughout the process as well. Tim is the Founder of the Wilderness Treatment Program for Adolescents. He tells the story of one particular student who changed his approach and career for the betterment of himself and the people he continues to work with, as he creates long term positive change in their lives.

Episode Summary

He describes a scenario in which he was attempting to apply home and relationship principles to a business and organizational setting and getting tons of support his teachers. He explained that people were going to events, getting pumped up, and then coming home only to have nothing change. He felt it was time to create a program that created lasting change, instead of short bursts.

He explains the process, and where deep, lasting change starts. He shared some of the key insights and strategies he used to get people onto the same page, supporting one another, and clearing out the big struggles they were having withing relationships.

Tim talks about a few factors he’s seen within leadership that make the difference between a good leader, and a less successful one. He also explains where emotional intelligence, and managing your emotions properly factor into the mix.