Tim Packer

Tim Packer knew he wanted to be an artist from a young age, and took commercial art and graphic design in school. He starved as a designer for a little while before taking a completely different path. After a tragic situation, he woke up to the fact that he wouldn’t have forever to pursue his dream of being an artist, so he doubled down and figured out what it takes to make it as an artist. He’s experienced success and wants to pay it forward to other artists who are trying to find their sweet spot.

Episode Summary

He explains the journey from starving, to joining the police force, and then painting full time. He describes a conversation that he and his wife had that inspired him to pursue art full time.

He talks about talent and how he had to learn social media marketing and YouTube in much the same way someone learns to paint: mastery over time. He also shares that while he was learning these, he realized that paying it forward to other artists felt like the right thing to do.

Finally he describes the various things he’s done to blow up over social media, and how a lot of this stuff just took hard work and implementation. He also talks about pricing and why things cost what they do, and who will get the most out of it.