Barb Stuhlemmer

Barb Stuhlemmer is a business strategist who helps business owners and entrepreneurs create systems that will take their business to the next level with greater ease. With a talent for breaking things down and simplifying situations, Barb has an awesome outlook on life, the people we keep in it, and how to create the most streamlined path to the results we desire.

Episode Summary: 

Join Dana and Barb as they discuss why systems matter and how internalizing impacts growth.  Barb gets into the importance of a reference group and how the five people a person spends the most time with affects them. She also shows and exercise she uses in her class.

Barb and Dana touch on energy, logic, science and belief systems, and the connection they all share.  She also tells Dana why she doesn’t call herself a coach.  Barb opens up about the importance of finding people who are happy with their life trajectory.

Dana asks Barb for tips on how to streamline a business and make it less of a jumbled mess.


“95% of our successes or failures could be directly attributed to our reference group”
“If you want to be successful, you have to be in healthy relationships.”
“Everything that’s physical in our world, everything we understand, and everything we don’t understand is part of our science and it’s all about our belief system”
“A system is the way to get to a result or solve the problem, and in order to get there you need to know what the pieces are”

Get to know Barb: