Before today’s topic get’s going, Dana wants you to know that if you’re feeling stuck or like there’s something holding you back that her trauma relief program could help you.

One of Dana’s clients is having a challenge with a supplier. The supplier isn’t delivering the way they need to and Dana’s client is trying to hold them accountable. In their conversations, Dana and her client have discussed the preemptive – that the supplier may need to be fired and replaced. Looking at just strategy would be fairly straight-forward in this case: speak with the supplier and put them in the client’s shoes and vice versa.

Missing from the strategy conversation is the need to have the mindset and peace with you to be able to take the supplier on your entrepreneurial journey without making it all about you. Sitting in judgement will make it harder for you to deliver on the strategy. The same thing applies to looking forward to a new plan and avoiding pitfalls.