Sajel Bellon

Sajel Bellon is an amazing woman who feels very deeply about relationships, and connecting with people from a place of being vulnerable. Sajel recognizes the potential people have to connect when they are authentically being themselves, and open in a way that allows real energy to cultivate meaningful impact with others.

Episode Summary: 

This week, Dana sits down with Sajel and discusses vulnerability and what it means to her.  Sajel shares the benefits of showing up in life authentically and being vulnerable.  She also shares some thoughts, tools and strategies about how to be more vulnerable.

Sajel and Dana talk about self compassion and how crucial it is when being vulnerable to care for yourself.  Sajel elaborates on what can affect a person’s level of vulnerability..


“It’s not just about giving and being open to sharing your feelings, but being open to receiving how others feel about you as well”
“By being vulnerable, you’re really opening up the potential of really experiencing life”
“At the end of the day, we’re all human”
“being vulnerable is a risk…”
“It’s not a weakness, it’s a strength”
“Think of your vulnerability as a gift. It’s an opportunity and a part of yourself that you’re giving to another person”

Get to know Sajel: