Leanna ditched the paint and playdough centre in her kindergarten classroom for some more adventures as a school teacher turned yogi mentor and coach. Just like kids, adults need quiet time too. We all need to feel playful and peaceful in our lives. Leanna brings that to you, challenging you, loving you all up and pushing you out of the nest to fly when you’re ready. Leanna truly believes that life can be easy, filled with joy and peace, even in between diaper changes, rushed dinners and mad-crazy moments.

Leanna’s focus is relieving you of the anxiety that bottles up and the stress that begs us to ask if there’s another way. At the heart, Leanna’s purpose is to invite you to live your most conscious life, living in the present with intention and honouring your soul’s purpose.

Episode Summary

Dana is working with Leanna today! Leanna has volunteered to work 1-on-1 with Dana on today’s episode. Leanna is mom of two kids and started her own business coaching her clients through the basic tenet’s of yoga to help them find peace and calm.

Leanna has a few transitions around supporting and working with her coaching clients to shift. Understandably, she has concerns about the financial aspects. Leanna admits that she knows what has to happen but motivating herself without support makes it challenging.
Today, Leanna wants to shift into a phase of manifestation and creation. Or, as she put put, from Meh to ~*!Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!*~

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