Tatiana Berendei

Tatiana Berindei is the host of the Sex, Love and SuperPowers podcast show and the Relationship Expert at SuperPowerExperts.com. A minister, visionary, singer and speaker, Tatiana believes we are on the brink of a complete shift in consciousness, and that our relationship to our bodies and our sexuality has a big role to play in that shift. She believes that when we find right relationship to our bodies we will find right relationship to the earth again, and that when we find right relationship to ourselves and to one another we can have peace as a society. She works with her clients to find inner clarity and peace and a sense of wholeness.

Episode Summary

The #MeToo campaign has started a tsunami; and Dana is waiting to see if it is going to be a tsunami of change or one of blame. Tatiana shares her background working with indigenous peoples, and one Mayan grandmother in particular, and their beliefs – including the Mayan belief around the end of the world and the shift that took place with that on December 31, 2012. She shared that this grandmother’s belief is that it is time for women to lead the world back into a circle.

Tatiana opined that one of the overwhelming fears right now is that if women take back the reigns of power from men, that women will use the power like man have been doing. #MeToo, as Tatiana says, is less about power and more about women finding their voices – and, when your voice has gone unused for a long time, it does not always sound pretty. Tatiana wants to see society use this as a catalyst and have us make adjustments and changes for the better of everyone. Both Dana and Tatiana agree that there needs to be more education, training and mentorship.

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