Life After Access


  • Sick of feeling that you’ve cleared only for it to come back?
  • Have you never felt a part of the Access community?
  • Have you done everything Access suggests and you’re in debt?


  • Sick of feeling that you’ve cleared only for it to come back?
  • Have you never felt a part of the Access community?
  • Have you done everything Access suggests and you’re in debt?

Watch the first of 9 Videos now, see how powerful it feels to get unlocked from AC.


Know How to Clear so it Never Comes Back!

How much of the return to sender stuff ends up coming back with a vengeance? Let me show you the process to blast all of the stuff that belongs to someone else & something else and how to make sure that it never comes back

Have the keys to make the tools work!

Some of the tools are great, but need some tweaking to make them really work in your life in a dramatic way. Let me show you some fun alternatives.

Reconnect with how amazing you truly are!

Let me show you what I see it possible for you. You can own your power again and step into what you were meant to do here. Feel what it would be like to have someone hold that space for you.

Bring in the money Now!

Discover the tangly snares around money and access and find some great ways to unlock all of that and get you back to generating with ease. In this course I will show you how easy that actually is, even if your money flows are crap right now – lets change all of that!

Stand in YOUR Knowing!

Where are you looking outside to find the fix or the answers? Where are you looking to someone else to discover the awareness of what would work in your life? Let me show you how to find the answers within you. Consistently!

I left AC in 2014 and it took me nearly a year to untangle and unravel what was true and what was crazy for me around Access.  Since then I have had a lot of Access peeps contact me to want to talk. Looking to find out why I left and how I am doing since then.  Well sign up and find out all of that and more…

Join me as I openly share my journey with Access Consciousness, what I loved and what did not work for me.
I am also going to walk you through some of the things that I looked at to get myself and others clear from the crazymaking that is bundled up with the amazing gifts in AC.
Let me say for the record, AC has some great stuff, and I got soooo much out of my time with it and all the classes I took. However…when it was more crazy making than contributing to my life, I opted to go!

Do you dare to join me on this controversial journey to find out what works for you?


Dana thoroughly worked through this stuff herself and in her I found a master in holding a big safe space for everybody willing to awaken. She is strong and fierce, her approach is a ‘no bullshit’ one and at the same time you feel her love for people. She is impressively kind and tender. Dana is willing to look beyond and behind everything, to steer you through all pain possible and to remove any blockage preventing you. She has the tendency to go deeper and further than any other coach I’ve ever met and her great humour even makes the whole thing light and pleasant. Dana has the ability to ask life-changing questions and if you ask me, to move mountains as well. Her course will remain in my memory as one of the best I ever took. <span class="su-quote-cite">Marilyn in Germany</span>
This was the BEST call I have been on in Years! You Rock!!! <span class="su-quote-cite">Jaden Fox</span>


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