Team (noun, ‘teem’): A number of persons associated in some joint action.

Having just hired someone to manage me, I thought I would talk to you about your teams.  We all have physical support in the form of friends, family and coworkers, but we do not always take advantage of the team that is available to us on an energetic/spiritual level.

The term team resonates for me because the word team is used to describe support and assistance that is there specifically for YOU.  Helpers, spirit guides, guardian angels – the label you put on your team does not matter.  The label is there to help you focus on and discover those team members that are there, truly there, for you without any manipulation or direction and allows you to have a connection to them.  (It does not have to be “woo woo” – I have meetings with mine)

It takes just thirty (30) seconds to have a pow wow with your team.  Those thirty (30) seconds give presence to your goals, define your wants and needs and gives your team the space to operate on your behalf.  You still have to put in the day-to-day effort, but your team can always make it easier for you.  And be prepared – sometimes your team ramps up the payout.

You can watch my quick bites video on this topic here: