Looking for authentic feminine Power?  You may want to give up the abusive kind of energy so you can find it.

It is awesome to see women stepping things up and owning their power, however for some they take it too far.

We as women can own our power without needing to squash or put down men in the process

Step in and claim your quiet powerful feminine energy.That unmistakable presence when you enter the room.

How will you move into your feminine energy in a way that is authentic and empowering to others?

Video Transcript:

Hi There! Welcome!

So this is another edition of expanding your consciousness and I have been looking at this whole concept of the feminine energy, the divine feminine energy, earth energy, that kind of thing.

I notice a lot of people are delving into that concept and the feminine divine and absolutely we are in a point where we are embracing the feminine energy and the releasing of the suppression of all about women, female power and all about those things. And so I’m excited, really excited and I think some people are just going into the defensive with it. They’re getting too far in to you know ra,ra, ra “I’m, a woman and you know hear me roar” and the suppression of man.

I just want to talk about this and say, that we got to stop this. It’s got to be a balance. It’s not okay to suppress women; great yup it’s not okay. It’s not okay for us women who are becoming empowered and finding our voice and stepping up and owning it; it’s not okay for us to squash man in order to do it. So it’s not about reclaiming your feminine power at the expense of anyone or anything else.

Feminine energy or feminine power, it’s not a power over. That’s stepping back into the masculine patriarchal thing that you want be stepping out of. Stepping into the feminine energy, you want to tap into it that energy. It is that nurturing, loving, warm but at the same time, think about some of our strong female role models. And I hate to pull some stereotypes but I’m going to. I’m gonna go there. So you got your strong black women. “You don’t mess with Momma.” “There ain’t no messin’ with Momma” right? Momma’s got power. You don’t mess with her. You know she doesn’t have to be put anybody down, she has her power, and she has her strength. Same thing you look at the Hawaiaan, the native Hawaiaan culture. The women there are big and they are strong. They are powerful. They have what they call in Hawaiaan “manna.” (I think I’m probably pronouncing it right). That power you know that internal strength. They just walk in the room and they own that presence.

And that’s what I’ve always been encouraging people to get into is this being able to walk in with an absolute presence that’s unmistakable. It’s not in any way about squashing anyone. You know it is a quiet strength. That is beautiful, delicate, and extremely feminine.

So we don’t need to step into any of that fighting against the man in order to claim our feminine power. It’s always been there. All you need to do is step in and own it.

That’s a big part of what I love to get women to do. To really step in and claim all of that power that is inside of them, right? And I do it with a little bit of a theme of Owning the Dominatrix Energy. Because to me I find that a strong feminine energy that embraces all of that and symbolizes all of that. But you can use whatever imagery that works for you and I don’t use that imagery for everyone, because it doesn’t work for everyone. So I adapt. That’s okay.

My invitation to you today would be to look at this; whether you’re a male or a female Either way, look at where you can embrace more of that feminine energy. You know Mother Earth and what your female role models who really embrace that quiet, beautiful feminine energy.

So, step in and own a little bit more of that every day. That’s my invitation to you. And as always if you need any help, if you want any help or if it would just be fun to play absolutely let’s have a conversation about what we can do together, and where I can take you for the work that I do.

Have a fabulous day. Talk to you soon.


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