Today is one of those days when my phone has been blowing up with calls and text messages from clients in crisis. And it seems that so many people are posting on Facebook about some sort of technological mishap or disaster.

It is so easy to get wrapped up in these kinds of things and loose sight of who you are.

So many people talk about “everything happens for a reason“, but the thing is that for most people that I talk to it keeps them looping into the logical mind trying to figure it out instead of just letting go.  You may have experienced this yourself. You can’t figure it out logically ans so instead of experiencing a surrender you end up more stuck than before as you use that against yourself making you wrong and feeling bad.

Instead play with this concept;

Maybe you are being asked to step it up. But not in the “play a bigger game” – get out and make more money or more fame kind of stepping up.

What if the call is actually for you to act and move in a way that is more conscious?

What if the pull is to step beyond this reality of money, fear & stress?

What if “the Universe” is shaking things up for you so that you can choose more of you?

Are you ready to answer that call?

It takes faith, courage and sometimes your friends kicking your ass to get you there, but the alternative is not looking so good anymore. The daily grind is merely going to get you more stress and fear.

Take a deep breath and choose. Right here! Right Now! Choose for You!

If you are ready to choose a conscious life and need some practical tools to help you get there then let’s talk. My gift is in getting to the core of what stops you and blasting it out permanently and super fast (make your head spin kind of fast – but in a good way).