Money. Let us get honest, and talk about money for a moment. There are two types of mindsets when it comes to money. Type one, “You just need to think good thoughts and the money will come.” Type two, “You need to hustle all the motherfucking time and then you will make money.” But, what if there is something in-between, or perhaps, a combination of the two mindsets?

Note that this is not about thinking good thoughts! Instead, this is about getting yourself into a space where you actually feel that you can and deserve to make the money. Then believe that you can and deserve to make the money. (This belief is not because you have become anything spectacular. It is because of who you are, how you show up, and transition in the world.) Then finally, you take action.

The three energetic steps to making money:

  1. Having the thoughts that lead you to the beliefs.
  2. Having the beliefs that lead you to the actions.
  3. Taking the steps (actions) that are going to move you in the direction of creating the business in the way that you want.
your money mindset... cashflow

It is imperative that we actually look at how are we interacting with money! Are you treating money as a friend? Do you treat it as an enemy? Are you assuming that it is really hard to come by? Understand that when we assume money is hard to come by, we can not see the possibilities where we could possibly drop in!

Here is an example from my own life. Right now, I am looking for a new place to live with a decent amount of property where my husband can run his business, and I can start running more of my mini-retreats. Now, we keep finding places that cost an exorbitant amount of money. At first, I thought, “ “What do I do? That is a lot of money and we do not have the money!” However, while searching, something inspired me to think, “How else can I creatively finance it?” Now, my brain has been exploding with ideas of all the different possibilities– and I am leaving them all as possibilities and not shutting them down.

Giving Up is Not an Option

A few years ago I honestly would have thrown in the towel and said, “That would be nice, but it is just not possible!” Literally, I would have gone into this space of making myself wrong for even toiling with the idea because it seems impossible. However, in dealing with my emotions, working through and moving out all of the pieces and triggers from my past (the cult that I grew up in dealing with and the various levels of abuse that I grew up with). I now allow myself to drop out of that automatic response of, “making myself wrong”. So today, I am able to actually open my brain up, and allow possibilities to flow!

Here is the thing, when we get out of that emotional state and allow ourselves to drop into that place of wonder, our brain has this incredible capacity to open up and see possibilities! Thus enabling us to constantly ask questions such as, “How else can I do this? How else can I create this?”

your money mindset... financial freedom

Do the Inner Work

But, first and foremost, we have to move the emotional baggage out of the way. So that we drop into that space of wonder. Then we can take action on the inspiration. Those are the keys to really creating massive shifts on a long term basis. Whether it is about money or about anything else. A related article can be found here.

You can perform Self-Clearing with this guide. Of course, if you would like some help with that process, I kind of know a thing or two about it. I would love to guide you through this process! So head over to and we will have a conversation and explore some options. If it is a fit, then we can take the next steps, and if not we will just have a great conversation!