Your intuition is never wrong and based on your past experiences (when you feel that little nudge urging you to follow it) you already know this.  When you follow your intuition, it works out, and when you do not, you regret your decision. But here is the funny thing, since we know intuition is always right and reliable, why is it that most of us (including myself at times) fail to lean in and follow it?

The reality is that, in order to actually follow your intuition, you have to own the fact that you know what is best for you.  It is critical that you do not follow gurus or experts, regardless of how successful they are. Do not rely on someone else to tell you what the “right” path is for your business. If you do not believe me, ask yourself, right here and now, “When I do not follow my intuition, how does it work out?” It does not work out so well, does it? When we are resistant to being the expert in our business, then we always go off course chasing the latest shiny, sparkly object!

Your Subconscious Keeping You Safe

So, again, you have to trust you! Just note, that by doing so, you will trigger all of your subconscious programmings that make you believe, “It is not okay or safe, and that you are not allowed.” These triggers are why most people do not end up following their intuition — even though it is always right. So, trust yourself even when your intuition guides you in a direction that conflicts with other people’s ( friends, family, coach, gurus, etc.) opinions.

trust your intuition in business decisions

So what do you do? Inner work! Now, I get it. You are probably thinking, “Dana! I have done a lot of fucking inner work! Seriously, do not tell me that I need more mindset or behavior changes anymore!” Unfortunately, I have been at this game for 30 years and I keep digging deeper. Sorry, not sorry! There are always deeper layers. Though the work you have done may have been deep, it may not have unearthed the piece preventing you from trusting you.

There are two steps:

Step One:

You can lean in from the perspective of, okay. “I am going to change this by changing the outward behavior.” In which case, go over to and grab a copy of my latest book, Badass Intuition: Mastering the Art of Quick Powerful Decisions. This will give you the step by step, six-week progress program to really drop you into your intuition allowing you to connect with it, follow it, and build that muscle of trust.

Step two:

If you actually take action, you will notice a shift and change but you will also notice resistance. The moment you start taking action and trust yourself, your subconscious mind will hijack you. It is going to get in there and say, “Oh no, do not do that! That cannot be right. We cannot trust this, you are just making that up”!

Time for Inner Clearing

This is where the deeper work comes in. You need to ask yourself, “Why is this coming up?” Once you have identified the why, it is time to move it out

Remember, the subconscious mind is completely irrational,

like a three-year-old that just wants the ice cream cone!

trust your intuition in business decisions

And that is all! A related article can be had here.

So, grab a copy of Badass Intuition, dig in, and go through the boot camp. If you’re finding that you really are budding up against a lot of resistance, schedule a conversation. There are some really key components that I have learned over the last 25 plus years of remapping and reprogramming the subconscious minds in a way that is effective and relatively painless. So head over to and in the meantime, trust your intuition just a little bit more for today!